First and foremost a JKD school,

“The truth in combat is different for each individual”

The curriculum of the Unified Martial Art Academy of Barbados is geared towards the total development of the individual.  Its primary philosophy is found in Jeet Kune Do which recognizes the uniqueness of each individual and therefore the need to allow for personal expression in the martial arts.  We do not seek to fit the individual to the art but rather adapt the art to suit the individual.  For this reason our curriculum is deliberately general in scope catering to differences in the physiological, emotional and psychological make-up of each individual.

“Adapt like a shadow, respond like an echo”

A true JKD student is both a warrior and a scholar.   As such he or she is taught to develop not only effective fighting skills, but also essential social skills to allow them to function in any environment.

What is offered at our Academy is a process not a product.  This process allows you, the student, to achieve your fullest potential in martial arts and in life.   Jeet Kune Do defines proficiency in combat as “the ability to defend oneself against one or more opponents, who are armed or unarmed, in any environment”.  At UMAA we take a more comprehensive view of your development and define your proficiency for life as the ability to function effectively in any situation regardless of circumstance.  This means developing the skill sets that allow you to be able to adapt to everyday real-world scenarios.  These principles exist in the art and philosophy of Jeet Kune Do.

JKD prepares you for the challenges of life

It is generally accepted that there are three basic fighting distances – long distance, middle distance and close quarters.  There are six skill sets associated with proficiency at these distances.  They are kicking skills (including the use of the knees), hand striking skills (including the use of the elbows), hand and foot immobilization skills, grappling skills, ground-fighting skills (both submissions and striking) and weaponry.  To be considered functionally competent in your defense of self, you must be proficient at all fighting distances and with all the skill sets described.  More importantly, you must be able to flow from one skill set to another without mental retardation.  In other words your actions should be reflexive – you shouldn’t have to think about it!

The programs offered at the UMAA have been designed to assist you in cultivating these essential skills.  Each program focuses on one or more principle, skill or attribute associated with creating the complete fighter.

Jeet Kune Program

A journey of self discovery and self mastery through the investigation of the art and philosophy of Bruce Lee – undoubtedly one of the greatest martial artist of all time

Technical base in Jun Fan Gung Fu and the Filipino martial Arts

Muay Thai Program

Unified Martial Art Academy is Barbados’ exclusive, authorized center for Muay Thai as sanctioned by the Thai Boxing Association of the USA. You will learn how to utilize your body’s eight natural weapons (hands, elbows, knees, feet) to create a devastating fighting method, as competitive in the ring as it is effective in the street.  There are no “forms” to learn and the techniques are practiced full power on specially designed hand pads, kick shields and punching bags.

Fitness Kickboxing Program

A fun way to get fit and learn the basics of kickboxing and self defence

Combat Sports Program (Kickboxing/Grappling/MMA)

For those who are competitively driven or like to challenge themselves

The Young Dragon Program

The Young Dragon Program is geared towards the Junior children. This class is divided into the lower juniors; children 7 – 12 years old and the upper juniors; children 13 – 16 years old.

The Little Dragon Program

The Lil Dragon Program is geared towards infants; children 3 to 6yrs old. This program gives children the benefits of

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