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Whether you’re an adult, teen or child the Unified Martial Art Academy can equip you with the tools necessary to achieve your fullest potential in life. Motivation, determination and discipline are key elements in the successful pursuit of any endeavor. At UMAA we provide the environment, encouragement and instruction needed to cultivate these qualities in our students and the results have been astounding!

Learn why so many parents are enrolling their children into UMAA’s martial art programs – And it has nothing to do with the school yard bully!

The benefits of our programs cannot be overstated. Children ranging from ages 3 to 13 years of age are learning important life skills through our Lil’ Dragons & Young Dragons martial art programs. They are developing self-confidence through their ability to overcome obstacles in training, while learning conflict resolution skills which develops their self-control and their ability to overcome negative peer pressure. The discipline and concentration developed through the practice of martial arts will also help your child develop good work and study habits, and have been proven to assist in the improvement of academic grades. These skills are learnt in an environment that encourages socialization through cooperation and teamwork.

The teaching style at the Academy is of such a high standard that even the most challenged child can benefit from their participation in our classes.

“When a friend told me about all the positive things that UMAA could do for my child I knew I had to get him enrolled. Since he started training at the Academy I’ve found him to be more disciplined, focused and not as lazy as he was before…. He’s far more obedient which keeps me from having to talk (to him) a lot.” – Priscilla St. Ville Parent

Don’t hesitate! Call now (429-3027) to enroll your child into an  Introductory program.


Do you know why more and more people are turning to martial arts as their preferred choice of sport, exercise and recreation? Times have changed, and the benefits of martial arts practice far exceed the ability to protect oneself and loved ones from direct physical assault.

Today’s enemy is far more subtle and cunning. His attacks are not just physical violence, but also mental and psychological assault[s] and appears in the form of stress, low self-esteem, indiscipline, aggressiveness, lack of confidence (mental and psychological), chronic disease – such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and hypertension (physical), and a lack of self-worth and purpose (spiritual).

With the help of UMAA’s martial arts and fitness programs people are fighting back! People of all ages and walks of life are using martial arts as their vehicle for personal growth and development. They are getting into the best shape of their lives, feeling better about themselves and taking charge of their destiny! This is what beneficiaries of our martial arts and fitness programs have to say:

“Since joining the UMAA’s Fitness Kickboxing program I’ve become fitter, calmer and more confident. I got interested in Kickboxing through a friend who suggested that it would be a great way to get in shape. Now, I actually have found something to do that I(‘ve) enjoy(ed) for longer than 3 months. I’ve never belonged to a gym before and this is fun – TOTALLY!” Carolyn Vaughan Copywriter

“I participated in a UMAA Self Defence Workshop which was intense, enjoyable and informative. The instructor was methodical, patient, thorough and knowledgeable in every area. This class has awakened a desire to attend future classes to maintain my level of awareness, but overall the class has greatly increased my level of self confidence.” Roslin Banfield Administrative Assistant

Become one our many satisfied customers by calling this number (246) 429-3027 to reserve an appointment . Choose from our list of martial arts and fitness programs all geared towards satisfying your specific needs. Don’t hesitate. Call NOW! (246) 429-3027.

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    This is an awesome website. I can’t wait to train at UMAA!

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